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THE PROJECT - Money and Volunteering

StarCity International social organization is built on voluntarism. People selected to live and work in StarCity International have a propensity to altruism and enjoy their work. Therefore their achievements aren’t the products of monetary incentives, but rather of a strong desire to better the society as a whole and the recognition for such contribution.

In today’s world monetary based economies, money has become a high incentive for it is a mean of exchange for most people in order to survive. Money is required to satisfy one’s needs from the very basic physiological motivations such as food and shelter to the more psychological ones like safety, recognition, and others. Once these needs are permanently satisfied, money becomes valueless. Actually, money has no intrinsic value, it only carries the value attributed by others and this value is based upon the Starcity of the products or services needed. In fact, this Starcity, whether real or artificially maintained, is the root cause of social deprivation and as a result, we can observe the effects in the world today namely through hunger, poverty, misery, crimes, corruption, wars and so on.

Money is only needed in condition of Starcity; therefore as long as money exists there cannot be abundance because abundant supply means a price of zero.

Money and volunteering

Starcity causes greed whereas abundance inspires a more sustainable attitude.

In a monetary system, if there is no profit to be made by solving a problem, then it will unfortunately not be addressed, no matter the magnitude of the problem.


In short, money is an outdated used tool to deals with our social problems in a technologically advanced society.

SCI is a moneyless society. Its social organization and economic system are designed to encourage the fulfillment of all human needs within the community.

When people don’t need jobs and have access to all the necessities of life, they find new incentives and become very creative.

The compensation received in exchange for one’s contribution comes in the form of the provision of a highly technological and sophisticated physical environment in which basically everything from food, lodging, education, health care and so on, to highly diversified entertainment, recreation, amusement, leisure, relaxation and sports facilities, will be freely provided and accessible.

As human behaviors are the products of their conditioning environment, every member of SCI will buy into a culture of respect, sharing and recognition in order to achieve social harmony.

All people living and working in SCI will voluntarily contribute to the best of their ability to the community. Many serious studies show the benefits of voluntarism for both the individuals and the communities. For example, a productivity study from MIT has clearly demonstrated that people working as volunteers on various humanitarian projects produced significantly more output than those who were motivated by wage increase on the same projects. Other studies show that people volunteering improve their physical health and fitness, drink less alcohol,


smoke less, reduce their stress level and experience many other health and social benefits. A Chinese study from University of Hong Kong demonstrated that the motives for people to engage in volunteering activities of any kind from the Olympic Games, to the earthquake relief, to local activities, originate in the desire to enhance self-esteem, develop personal growth, search for understanding, and widen societal commitment and community concerns.

The popularity of volunteering had shown a clear uptrend since 1974 in the USA and this tendency is likely to continue as a new global consciousness is developing worldwide.

Money and volunteering

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