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THE PROJECT - Open Source

StarCity International (SCI) innovative approach is based on the underlying concept of “Open Source” born in the software industry.

Within StarCity International (SCI) philosophy, “Open source” is also called “Open Access” which means that anyone can freely access, use, modify and pass on the knowledge of the research findings, new technologies and new discoveries of any kind. In this way, what is being developed by the society will in return be beneficial to all the member of the society, and not only few selfish individual or private corporations.

Following the philosophy and principles of the Free Software Foundtion, any kind of work and creation stemming from SCI will be made freely available and distributed at no cost under General Public License, GPL. This license does not restrict what people do but on the contrary, prevent them from restricting others. It ensures that the principles of freedom are respected.

Open Source

Since all phases of development and work in progress will be widely made available to the general public via the internet, virtually anyone, through


individual incremental effort or collaboration, will be able to contribute, advance and improve the level of technologies and science, for the sole purpose of the betterment of the society as a whole.

In such a collaborative system, devoid of monetary incentives and commercial selfish profits, there is no competitive advantage to gain; therefore the notion of intellectual property, proprietary knowledge, patents and trade secrets is totally obsolete. People will do what they do, not for money, but simply because they like and want to do it. And when you do something because it is your hobby or your passion; you can be sure that the outcome will be of greater quality!

This “Open Access” culture can be summarized as the freedom to creatively contribute to and freely share the knowledge. As a result, the removing of access barriers to the information will accelerate research and lay the foundation for uniting humanity in a common intellectual endeavour and quest for knowledge, which will in turn culminate in broader and faster application of new scientific discoveries and development of new technologies.

The ultimate goal of SCI is that one day; “Open Source” will become “Open Resource” which means that not only every idea or concept will be offered for free, but all product, services and


goods would also be available, for free, to whom may need or simply wanted them!

SCI is aiming to become the world’s most important “Open Access” scientific and technological platform totally dedicated to push the limits of knowledge through the advancement of science.

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