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“... you are limited to your imagination and imagination has no limit...”

The most misuse resource on this planet is the human genius. Think about it, everything around you is the fruit of the discoveries of above average intelligence people. Electricity, tap water, the airplane, the computer, the spoon you use to eat, etc, and everything else in your surrounding have been initially designed and created by inventors of above average intelligence. Even the chair you sit on, without these geniuses inventors’ help you would probably still be sitting on a rock somewhere in the middle of the woods. Furthermore, your life expectancy would be no longer than 20 years, as medicine also progressed through the geniuses’ contribution to society. Everyone knows that and everyone acknowledges it.

Craig Venter
Craig Venter Creates Synthetic Life

Since it is obvious to everyone that the geniuses are the best people to turn to in order to solve problems, how come we do not put them as the leader of our industries and corporations? How many times have we seen people in higher management office or in the board of directors that have got the position simply because they have some relatives or some bribing capability?


Genius people are expert in solving problems, so why don't we use them to lead our industries? When you are in need of a heart surgery, you consult an expert; a heart surgeon expert, and you would never consider going to the fruit merchant of the street's corner store because he is very good at cutting fruits with a knife, even if everyone recommend him because is a very good relative.

Geniuses are expert in making the best possible decisions and this is why the “Lead and Promotion Group” of SCI will be exclusively composed of genius people. They will head all the different units and departments of SCI and all the major leading decisions that will affect SCI will be the result of a collective vote among them.

… and the other people?

When our brain tell the hand to pick an apple to eat, the other parts of your body never open a debate to decide which organ should tell the hand what to pick, and the hand never go on strike claiming to be abused by the brain... The brain knows very well that it can't pick an apple, can't eat and digest. In fact, it needs all the other body parts to optimally function. By making a good decision, the brain knows that the entire body, including itself, will benefit from it! As the brain and the hand are part on the same body they share the same importance as well; your brain cells


are not more important than the cells of your hand, your heart, your liver, or any other cells.

Every cell of your body has a different function, a different task to do, and when each cell performs its task the entire body is healthy and happy. There is no big ego conflict between your heart cell and your lung cell to determine which one is the most important. We see SCI as a multicellular organism where every citizen has a specific function to do. We all work together for us all in harmony and everyone has its huge importance simply because the better the others contribute to the whole society the more I will benefit from it.

In most corporations, when the feet tell the brain where to go, they end up dead, smashed at the bottom of the cliff...

“When the leader does not lead to the problem's solution, it's because the problem is the leader”

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