SCI: moving to a new era in mankind”.
Where to Build

StarCity will be built in a country that meets the following requirements:

  • Stable social and political climate
  • Openness and implementation of innovation policies and scientific development
  • Abundant resources of potential clean energy production
  • Abundance of natural potential resources

Many countries meet these requirements and they could have a chance to host this project if they show an interest in it. Among these countries, we believe that China could be one of the ideal countries to establish “SCI” for many reasons.

Many Challenges

Mainly due to its large and fast growing population, China has tremendous social challenges lying ahead: Shortage of lodging, water, food and energy combined to the need of a universal medical and health care system, broader and higher quality education, curb air and water pollution as well as other environmental concerns, are all problems that need to be resolved for China in order to sustain a fast and harmonious development.

Socialist system

Although it is gradually opening up to a free market, the communist ideology which utilizes a centralized planning and distribution system, is based on cooperation rather than competition and exploitation of the human being.

Stable Government

The Government is determined to enhance China’s capacity for independent innovation and turn the nation into an innovative country. The government is willing to improve the energy supply, resources, ecological and environmental conservation as well as China's capacity for sustainable development. Its efforts are aimed at promoting a balanced development among regions and improve the pattern of land development as well as the upgrading of the industrial structure. In addition, the government’s emphasis on promoting vigorous development and prosperity of a socialist culture based on harmony and civilized practices and accelerating the social development with a focus on improving people’s livelihood by giving priority to education, health care and social security. All these factors are in line with the philosophy of SCI.


China is facing social, economic and environmental challenges but has a political system and a strong leadership to implement workable and sustainable solutions that would raise the standard of living of all its population.

China map

Social Organization

- Part 1

Economic System

Throughout the history, many thinkers and reformists from all fields of science have devised different social systems and various types of economies have been experienced to eliminate poverty and social inequalities. Whether centrally planned or market driven economic systems, both have failed to resolve the issues of starvation, poverty, diseases, wars, crime, pollution and so on, that the world has been experiencing and both systems are inevitably doomed to fail. Both types of economies utilize a monetary system to control supply and demand and as a result, we can easily observe the huge imbalance in the distribution of wealth. In fact, 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 1 % of the population.

Money was initially created to serve as a mean of exchange for goods and services for the sake of convenience and over time became a powerful tool utilized for corruption. As Starcity (of money, good or services) begets high prices, the incentives are high in monetary system to naturally or artificially maintain a state of Starcity as well as to boost consumption by any means in order to keep the current system running afloat. Simply put, in a monetary system it all boils down to whoever controls the access of money in the system; control also the welfare and the fate of society. A flagrant example of Starcity resulting from poor planning, market manipulation or corruption that have proven the inefficiencies of our economic systems in the energy sector, is shown in the cases below:


Long queues due to gas shortages resulting from market manipulation, bad planning or corruption:

Pakistan, 2009
Pakistan, 2009
China, 2009
China, 2009
UK, 2008
UK, 2008
Africa, 2008
Africa, 2008

Fortunately, in this era of accelerated technological development, the whole capitalist economy is about to collapse as automation and robots replace the need for human labor. The free market forces companies to be more productive in order to remain competitive.

Productive means more goods and services produced with fewer resources at lower cost. It can only be


achieved by reducing labor cost and automating production. Both methods result in increased unemployment and thus it eliminates the very consumer base, which feeds the system itself.

Money and Value

Money is only used as a mean of exchange, which can be replaced by anything else as long as this other mean is given value by others. The actual value of goods and services in our current monetary system is created by Starcity, whether real or artificial. Let’s look at what is “money” as we think we know it.

Money is a mean to express our power to get services or goods. In our mind, money is associated with the power to get what we need or want. The more money we have, the more things we can get, so in our mind, from our point of view, money is valuable. This is not quite right. Actually the money you have doesn’t have the value you give to it. The money that you have has only the value that other people give to it. No matter how valuable you think that your money is, it has only the value that other people give to it. For example: let’s pretend that you wake up outside lying down in a comfortable reclining chair in the middle of a warm summer night. Next to your hand, is a big suitcase full of currencies, diamonds, gold and bonds that are worth billions of dollars.


- Part 2

You are probably very excited, hoping that this is not a dream and are absolutely convinced that you can buy and get almost anything you want for the rest of your life. You feel powerful! Don’t you? Now let’s presume that a poor beggar is standing right next to you. He has nothing else than a jar of water, and it’s not even full. So, by your standards, there is no chance that this man could be richer than you and you think that he has nothing that you couldn’t afford a billion times. You even feel sorry for the poor man and in a good gesture; you try to offer him some fair amount of money. The man looks at you amused and tells you: “What do you want me to do with that money?” and left, a smile in his face, without taking any of your generous offering. For him, everything you seem to have has no value. His jar of water seems to be everything he needed. It’s only at the sunrise that you begin to realize that you are sitting in the middle of the desert, with a lot of money but not a single drop of water. Few minutes ago you had enough money to buy half of a small town and now it is not even enough to buy you a glass of water. With his jar of water, the beggar was richer than you! All your money had no value for him and therefore, no value at all anymore for you.

China Landscape

“No matter how valuable you think that your money is, it has only the value that other people give to it.”

People don’t need jobs

What people really need to sustain a healthy living are not jobs, but nutritional food and water, protective housing, adequate clothing, quality health care and education and a setting where they can self-develop and fulfill their psychological needs such as pleasure, love, and creativity.

China Landscape

Even in today’s world most advanced societies like in Sweden, that is enjoying the highest standard of living, having the highest level of education and rate of literacy, the longest life expectancy, the cleanest and safest environment and so on, there are still social and welfare imbalances and serious issues to resolve. When people can get almost their full salaries to satisfy their needs without working, they will avoid work. When the incentives are high to avoid working people will do it.

The traditional ways to create wealth and solve economic problems have been through jobs’ creation. Should governments interfere in the private sector to create jobs, is an ever lasting struggle between the ideal mix of economic system advocated by the right and left wing governments of the world in order to create the maximum wealth for everyone in a society.

Creating jobs doesn’t create wealth. Here, we have to define what wealth is. Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources. What’s valuable for an individual may not be for another one,


but we all agree that the human needs, described above, are just common sense for a human being. That is, without any compensation, these needs should be provided by the society for every one from the moment one is born to one’s death.

Creating jobs, for the sake of distributing wealth, especially unskilled jobs, is equivalent to paid slavery. Unless people can choose freely and enjoy their work, they have no choice. The choices people make depend of their freedom to choose but when they are shackled with debts and financial responsibilities, their choices are very limited but to keep working and hope for the best. They are enslaved by the system. The more money you owe, the more you need to pay back and the more you are enslaved by your work. The whole system is designed to fuel consumption and ensure that you get enough credit to keep consuming more goods and services, so you will never be free from work.

We believe that human beings aren’t made to work but think, create and blossom. Machines are made to work.

We see in many developing countries that technological progress is deliberately hindered and not made available in order create more jobs, mostly for unskilled workers. Work, that simple machines could perform much better, much faster and much cheaper.


- Part 3

But the monetary system, although beneficial during the industrial revolution, is now outdated and hinders our progress toward a global and sustainable abundance, where automation can produce virtually everything at almost no cost. Our monetary system generating greed, corruption and cutthroat competition has to be eliminated in order to create a world of cooperation and free us from work.

China Landscape
International Robot Exhibition 2011

SCI’s moneyless economy

SCI's social organization and economy are entirely different. Its economy uses no money as mean of exchange but a form of time-based currency. Rather, people will volunteer their time in exchange for all the necessities of life and the benefits of the most high-tech society. SCI will provide an exceptionally comfortable and high-tech living environment to all its


denizens in exchange for their free contribution to the community. In other words, the voluntary sector will replace the private sector of the traditional economy. This idea of society functioning without money is not new.

Many micro societies and movements- the Kibbutz, the Gaviotas, the Technocracy movement and others, to name a few - of different cultures during the course of history have experienced and advocated at different levels, some systems of production and exchange of goods and services without using the traditional currency. But SCI is the first attempt to establish such a system on a large scale. It can only be made possible by tapping into the full potential of the latest technologies.

In this first transitional phase of SCI, a system of time credit will replace money.

Time could be accumulated and spent according to one’s own free will. Until heavy automation is in full operation and developed to the level that virtually all menial tasks can be replaced and all work eliminated, time contribution will be required in return for the privilege of being part of SCI. But hopefully, very soon people will be free from work. In the mean time, working at SCI will be very different from money slavery as described above; people will do the work they enjoy doing. Artists will do art for pleasure and scientists will also do research for their own enjoyment!

Private ownership

Consider this; the King of England HENRY VIII had owned about 18 000 different items and these possessions represented the whole value of the kingdom. In comparison, today, the average American owns between 6 000 and 10 000 items.

Private ownership in SCI will be reduced to less than 100 personal goods.

One cannot use simultaneously 10 000 items. It is highly inefficient and there is a huge social cost to produce, maintain, store and recycle all these goods because the energy and resources could be affected elsewhere by producing more useful stuff. As an example of waste, in some communities every American homeowner has a lawnmower, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have only one for the whole community since not every one needs it at the same time.

The design of the city will minimize the need for private ownership to basically, clothing and personal accessories. Transportation will be done by AGV available on demand. Highly diversified entertainment facilities, recreational and luxury items will be provided and fully available at any time.


- Part 4

General Rules and guidelines

Respect - We believe that in order to build a harmonious society, respect as a way of life, is a vital component to achieve that goal. Respect of oneself as well as respect of others and respect of the environment in which we are bathing constitute the foundational values upon which the culture of SCI is designed. So to live in SCI, people will learn and be trained to be in harmony with themselves and others and as a result they will be open to develop attitudes and behavior patterns of peace, friendship, understanding, love and compassion towards each other.


At SCI, we believe that true social harmony and creativity can only be achieved through the total freedom of expression of one's individual personality. This freedom of expression must only be restricted and constrained within the limits of the total respect of the liberty of others. Therefore, this value of balance between self-respect and respect of others must permanently guide one's intelligence and behavioral decisions. SCI will provide compulsory cultural education and training to all new residents as a mean to quickly adapt to this totally new cultural environment.


SCI Language - The Official language in SCI is English. All residents contributing to the project are coming from around the world and must have a minimum English proficiency as a common communication language. For all the new comers who are not native English speakers, a test will be administered to measure their level of competency in English. If people fail to pass the test, they will be offered training to raise their level in order to succeed the entrance exam. This measure is to ensure that all residents can be functional in this environment and can freely communicate effectively with others. This, we believe, is vital in creating a harmonious society. This being said, people will not only be limited to English. They will be able to speak and use as many languages as they wish, as long as they can use at least English.

Education and training

New Comers - Education and training are the backbone of the social organization of SCI. To fully reap the benefits of SCI high tech and harmonious society, new comers will be required to go through compulsory training on language, values, rules and technology utilization to access the distribution of goods and services, in addition to work related training. As the English language will be the official language in SCI, an evidence of basic proficiency in English will be required from all new comers living in this exclusive scientific community. Continuous language training for all the residents will also be offered.

Residents - The K-12 schooling system will be designed to develop creativity and problem solving at a practical level.


The system will be adapted so as to accelerate the development of gifted students of all ages.

China Landscape

Continuous and higher education programs in science, art, philosophy, human relation and sports will be offered from bachelor to post PhD degree via SCIU (SCI University) and freely available to all. The enhanced educational facilities will include high technology lecture halls, multimedia classrooms, state of the art labs, workshops and equipments, gymnasiums and other sports facilities.

Distance learning will be built in every program as the powerful IT infrastructure will render possible to attend classes and lectures directly from your home computer or cell phone and interact live with the teacher and other classmates. You will also be able to retrieve any lessons and progress at your own rhythm.



- Part 5


All the administrative aspects will be automated and computerized. The RFID technology will eliminate paper work and manual data entry. The RFID technology will be fully integrated in all aspects of life in SCI. Combined with mobile computing and web technologies, it will provide a way to collect and manage information, identifying people, tracking consumption habits and so on. As a result, resources planning and management will be greatly facilitated by having instant access to accurate information, thus enabling quick decision-making and immediate response to any request. Tasks, management and scheduling will be automated as much as possible using computing and automation technologies.

Legal organization

SCI will follow the rules of the country where it is established. However, there won’t be any judicial system within the city because an environment where all the basic material needs are easily met doesn’t predispose to criminality and corruption. Therefore we expect criminality to be almost non-existent. In the event of such occurrence, the person will be brought by the peacekeepers before a diSCIplinary council, which will decide of the measures to take to correct the deviant behavior. For a criminal offence, SCI will enforce a policy of “zero tolerance”, which means immediate automatic expulsion of SCI and handed over to the higher-level authorities of the country.

<strong>SCI</strong> Peacekeeper


The culture of SCI appeals to the use of conSCIousness, therefore any wrongdoings or misbehavior will be dealt with, in way that the individual raises his level of conSCIousness with regards to the consequences of his actions. For example, a person would be sanctioned to justify his misbehavior to all the victims and those who suffered from the consequences the wrongdoings as mean of reeducation. Motivation by conSCIousness not fear will be the guiding principle driving people who need help to adapt to the culture SCI.

Abuse and non-respect

With freedom comes responsibility. To adapt to this new culture all residents will go through training where they will be taught the values of SCI. In order to preserve the high standard of living for everyone, people will have the privilege to be able to indulge their whims as long as they respect the privacy of others and the rules and guidelines established to protect the environment. If one does not comply with the set of standards, he will receive a first warning and be asked to attend integration training. The second time it happens the person will be expelled form SCI.

As example, for the non-compliance to the standard of the recycling procedure, one will be warned and sent to work to the sorting system. He will be demonstrated the consequences of his behavior on the task and workload of others. By this method we believe one will conSCIously learn the consequences of his actions on the life of others.


The predominant religion in SCI is science. We believe that only an intelligent use of science and technology can solve human problems. Therefore our goal is to create a scientifically evolved society that is non-political and free from all racial, sexual or religious distinctions. However, one’s personal religious beliefs must be respected; therefore common - not especially dedicated -


rooms will be made available for group activities of different religions. Moreover, the teachings of all existing religions and philosophies will be provided to those in search of spiritual values.


Working conditionst and benefits

Denizens will donate their time in exchange for the benefits provided in SCI. One’s minimum contribution is 3 hours a day or 21 hours per week on flextime schedule. This adds up to 1095 hours per year. This contribution will suffice to be entitled to all the necessities of life, which are: private lodging, all kinds of food, adequate clothing, quality health care, higher education and access to highly diversified recreational activities. The maximum daily working time is 12 hours. That is, one’s could accumulate 9 hours of extra daily credits for a total of 63 hours a week or 3285 hours a year redeemable against travel, guests or early retirement.

The person contributing in phase 2, which is the development of SCI, will have their working time credit counted double, as they won’t benefit much from the city’s life style until phase 3 is completed..



- Part 6

Time will automatically be recorded in a time bank as debit or credit in one’s account. Each hour of contribution is valued equally whether the person is a novice or an extensively trained expert. The credits accumulated could not be redeemed for a service from another person but only towards specific services or advantages offered by SCI.

Families (extended), friends and private guests

All denizens will be allowed to invite families and guest but will be fully responsible for their behaviors. All guests will need to comply with SCI rules and regulations. The host will cover the fee of their guest with extra contribution of 3 hours per guest per day if the guest is lodging with the host and 5 hours per guest per day if the guest is lodging at the hotel.


Once 30 000 hours of contribution have been recorded in the time bank, one’s may decide to exchange these 30 000 hours against retirement in SCI and continue to enjoy the same benefits as during the working life. A denizen may also decide to take an early retirement by accumulating time credits. There is no compulsory age for retirement. We believe that when someone enjoys his/her work and is physically and mentally fit to continue, then working and playing is virtually the same thing and no one alive wants to stop playing. A great example is Rita Levi Montalcini, a Nobel Prize Winner scientist who, at 100, still enjoys her work.

SCI will provide incentives for you to keep playing and contributing as long as possible.

Living conditions, a system without abuse

As we previously mentioned, SCI will provide all the necessities of life. From an economic point of view, human wants are unlimited and resources are limited. Therefore the traditional economic tool used to deal with this problem is to ration with price increase or waiting lines. Neither of


them will work in SCI as the mission of SCI is to create a world of abundance for everyone not Starcity, but the system will be designed to prevent abuse.

Lodging (room and furniture)

Each resident will be provided with a private 50m2 one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Larger ones of 80-100 m2 will be available for people sharing, couples and families. The dwellings will include comfortable built-in furniture. They will be completely insulated and soundproof for ultimate privacy. Walls and ceiling will be covered with OLED, transforming them into huge TV or computer screens or simply to create your own design and indulge all your decorative whims. A full state of the art bathroom is included in each unit. The dwellings won’t have any kitchen neither washing /drying facilities, simply because these services will be provided and centralized in specific area near your unit. Your home will be a place to relax, play and enjoy life privately at your own convenience.

Futuristic room


No dwelling will be equipped with kitchen but restaurants and food distribution centers, offering all kinds of healthy cuisine, will be located within 100m from your home and open 24 hours a day. If you ever feel like cooking for the pleasure of doing it, common kitchens and dining rooms, fully equipped, will be available for you and your guests.


SCI will replace clothes. You bring an old garment or an outfit to the store (or recycling center or goodwill center)


and choose another one as replacement. The limit is 14 replacements a year. Boutiques will display the latest collections and you can also create and order your own clothing design online. Wishing to wear special outfit for special occasion, just rent one, for free, at any share fashion clothing center. No need anymore to pile up, clean and manage clothing that you only wear once a year in your wardrobe. SCI will take care of these tasks for you. Just take it, wear it and return it!


Everyone will have a cell phone and computer to communicate, access the Internet and manage daily activities (food ordering, working schedule, entertainment activities reservations, gaming, database, mapping with GPS integrated, call and book any transportation device and AGV)

Nokia Morph concept phone

- Part 7


The residents of SCI will have access to the most exhilarating forms of entertainments: Amusement parks with thrilling rides, virtual gaming, 3D cinema, all kinds of sports -golf, rackets, water sports and activities, indoor skating and skiing, motor sports- concerts, shows and so on.

Distribution of Goods

As a resident of SCI, people will be provided all the necessities for living a highly comfortable life. Meals and foods of all kinds will be available 24/7. Clothing will be freely supplied through a network of diversified boutiques and personal care services such as air dressing, massage, etc, will be freely provided but limited to a monthly quota.


StarCity will provide free living to all its volunteered citizens as part of their multiple benefits. In addition,


people who want to travel will receive an allowance based on the number of hours contributed. The calculation of travel credit is 10 km per hour of contribution on top of the minimum 3 hour per day required. For example, 1200 hours x 10 km = 12 000 km of travel trip. This is equivalent to a yearly roundtrip airfare from Asia to America.


Tourism will be an important industry in the economy of SCI. This industry will provide the necessary currencies to deal with the world as long as money exists. SCI will attract leisure tourists who want to experience touring the tallest building of the world and the most exciting theme park ever built. The 5 Star hotels within the city will provide 50 000 rooms for leisure tourism.

SCI will also attract medical tourism from around the world for people who want to benefit from the latest discoveries in biotechnologies, stem cells treatments, regenerative medicine and other forms of advanced


and promising anti-aging and cloning technologies. SCI will offer 20 000 beds, in private rooms, for medical tourism.

China Landscape

“Utopia is always the preliminary phase of every great achievement”
The Phases

SCI project is divided in 5 different phases:

Phase I: Communication

(This is the actual ongoing phase)

This is the point where the project is going public. The SCI project’s “Phase I” is aiming to gather 5 000 people, from all over the world, who are interested in becoming active members of the SCI Project.

Phase II: Design

This is mainly a high tech R&D phase. In “Phase II”, about 5 000 people are willingly going to gather on a fix location to develop and integrate the technologies needed to physically build the StarCity itself. The final polish and adaptation of the project design and planning will be done in this phase. These people may differ from the ones from “Phase I” as everyone from the “Phase I” may not want to move on location to develop the “Phase II”, although they may continue to give a great support and contribution through the internet.

“Phase II” will also be a very preliminary test evaluation of the eventual social living conditions in SCI.

Phase II population ratio should be as following:

  • 1 scientist - Project leader of a scientific or technological R&D field.
  • 4 scientist’s assistants - To continuously develop the project 24h/24h, 7days/week.
  • 4 Technology Integration - Mainly Engineer and IT specialist who will design and provide the tools required for the “scientist’s” project R&D.
  • 1 Basic support - General basic living support: Cooking, cleaning, etc.

In Phase II, the people ratio will be about 90% scientific and technical to 10% for basic none technical support. While the “project leader” scientist will mainly devote his time to one project at a time, the “scientist’s assistants”, the “Technology Integration” and “Basic support” members will be very likely involved in many projects simultaniously.

Phase III: Construction

Phase III is where we are physically building the SCI itself. As the city will grow up to its completion, its population will gradually increase from a few thousands to its optimal capacity of 500 000 denizens. As more and more people will move in the city, the basic life support will grow to be more sophisticated and diversified.

At the end of Phase III, the population ratio should reach as following:

  • 1 scientist or scientist’s assistant - R&D in a scientific research or technology field.
  • 2 Supports / Integration - Mainly Engineer and IT specialist that will design and provide the tools required for the scientific and technical R&D as well as applying the R&D results to mass production.
  • 7 Diversified City Support Staff - This includes the entire general basic living support plus all the sophisticated services and entertainment, available to all SCI denizens for free.

By the end of Phase III, the people ratio will be about 30% scientific and technical to 70% for basic and sophisticated none technical support.



Phase IV: Monitoring

As SCI will be fully operational and all its information data open sourced, we expect to receive a lot of feedback from the world. This feedback combined to our StarCity living experience will be of great help to move to the final phase.

Phase V: City Network: “The post SCI project”

We do hope that SCI will only be the first of many mega building city all over the world, each with different design and architecture and all linked together with high tech and very high speed free public mean of transportation. With such a concept, 7 billion people could live in 14 000 cities, that would use about only 11 000 km2 of total foot print leaving the rest of the world as pure nature space without human construction while giving a home and good living conditions, for free, to all human being!


SCI: Changing the world, one mind at a time”.
Design and Construction

- Part 1

SCI will be built using all the novel scientific advancements to date. As most of these technological advancements are under development or in a small scale laboratories experimental phase, there is still a lot of research and development work to do before beginning the construction of the city. Since the scientific discoveries and technological improvements are occurring at a faster pace every day, we may be only a few months or very few years away from having all the needed technologies ready to realize SCI project, it all depends on us to gather and work together to do it quicker.

City Building basic concept
The basic guidelines are the following:

Energy Efficiency

Because in every building, most of the energy (when heating or cooling) is lost through its surface, the building Volume/Surface ratio needs to be as high as possible. The sphere has the highest


possible ratio with V/S = radius/3 (r/3) (the bigger is the sphere radius (r), the bigger is the ratio and efficiency). Since a spherical structure wouldn't be much practical for a building, having a cylindrical shape, with a height (h) equal to the diameter (d)


(h=d=2r), would give the same ratio of “r/3”. Therefore our building design will start using a cylinder with h=2r.


In order to increase the energy efficiency, we will use many heat exchange systems to recycle as much energy as possible, from every thermal mass (air and liquid) exhausted from the city.


In a functional building, people should be able to access, by foot, all their daily destination from their home. If we set the building diameter to 1000m, the residential sector on the perimeter and all the good, services and working place in the center, than everyone would be at less than 500m from their destination (assuming that the destination is on the same floor) thus eliminating the need for automobile use.

Being energy efficient and functional wouldn't be much appealing if it is not aesthetic. Therefore, by modifying the structure from a cylindrical block to a six legs extruded star shape, we have been able to increase the window surface and natural lighting inside the building, without affecting too much the energy efficiency of the structure, and thus, leaving to the artists and architects more room for their creative design. The StarCity name came from the top view of this six legged star design.


Being energy efficient and functional wouldn't be much appealing if it is not aesthetic. Therefore, by modifying the structure from a cylindrical block to a six legs extruded star shape, we have been able to increase the window surface and natural lighting inside the building, without affecting too much the energy efficiency of the structure, and thus, leaving to the artists and architects more room for their creative design. The StarCity name came from the top view of this six legged star design.


Need to house 500 000 permanent citizens and 100 000 temporary guests

By eliminating the need for cars and consequently the need for roads, parking spaces, gas stations and all other required spaces that are related to the automotive industry, we are saving a lot of room. Doing so, a building of 1000m diameter by 1000m high can provide very comfortable lodging space and living area to more than 600 000 people, including their working environment, parks, sports facilities and recreational area for all kinds of activities.

Quality living standard

Citizens should be as free as possible from time consuming daily task like personal cooking, laundry and house cleaning. This can be achieved by having a free access to a wide variety of food courts (restaurants, snack bar, food distribution machines...), having an automated door to door free laundry service and all amenities that require a minimum of maintenance.

SCI should be the only residential building erected in the center of a 2000 km2 land, leaving all the space left to nature. When everyone lives in a 1 km2 city, surrounded by 2000 km2 of nature, everyone is only few foot steeps away from nature.

Living so close to nature will provide as well a fresh source of air, water and food.

Hidden industrial park

The best way to hide an industrial park is to build it underground. Most of the industrial production will be made using highly automated to fully automated production systems. Because robots and automated system do not require light or a high quality human life environment to work, the industrial park could easily be built underground without much concern for traditional human working conditions, beside the few specific locations where human production interaction will still be required. Therefore, SCI will be built on the top of an underground, almost hidden, industrial park.



- Part 2

Minimum Environmental Impact

SCI is aiming to be the greenest ecological city of the world compared to any other of its size. Having no necessity for automobile transport, a clean source of energy supply, smallest building and infrastructure foot print over nature (less than 1.6 m2 per denizen), and offering more than 3 000m2 of nature per denizen with, in addition, almost 100% recycled sewage system, SCI is aiming to be the first city in the world, not only to suppress global pollution, but in fact, to improve the environment quality of its surrounding. Every activity and research will be done by taking into account how to minimize the “Global Pollution Index” (GPI) thus reducing when not reversing the pollution generated effect, leading to a globally better and cleaner environment. SCI will be LEED and EEWH certified. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system based in the USA and EEWH  is the green building certification system in Taiwan.

preliminary sketches and drawings

So far we have mainly focussed on the technological concepts required to design SCI rather that making the construction blue prints. This should leave a lot of room for improvement to all the artists and architects whom wish to join and be involved in the project.

SCI Housing concept, Facilities and Amenities

SCI will provide different types of lodging facilities but they will all have these common features:

Without Kitchen and Dining room

This might seem odd to most of us, but with all the free food courts available 24/7, providing quality food to satisfy all kinds of taste, what


would we need a kitchen for? Not to mention that you will save cooking time and have no dish to clean afterward. From an environment point of view, individual kitchen cooking increase the fire hazard risk, use more energy and produce more pollution and waste than mass production high quality cooking (more food wrapping discarded, more ventilation and heat lost...)

No Washing and Drying machine.

Individual laundry equipments are very inefficient. They use more energy than industrial mass cleaning services and are only used for a few hours per week. Most of the time, they stay idling and just use your floor space while gathering dust. When in use, they are a fire hazard as well and a potential risk of water spillage. So having a free laundry service will save you time, space and you won't have to iron anymore! We do believe that there are more interesting things to do in life!

Video walls and ceilings

Most of your apartment wall and ceiling will be covered with a video coating system (improved OLED display) replacing the traditional painting. Your walls and ceilings will then bear many functions; from simple lighting system to giant TV or computer displays.

You will be able to change the color and texture of your walls at will and sleep under the stars if you wish to, simply by displaying the pictures or video of your choice.

All the lighting system will be controlled by motion sensors. Waking up in the middle of the night; a full moon will appear to light up your way to the washroom and will slowly be dimmed out by a thick cloud when you return to bed. Your apartment will adapt to your wildest imagination...

Sliding doors

Doors in America and Europe are mounted on hinges, thus using about


one square meter of floor space. At an average of three doors per apartment, in SCI this represents more than 1.7 million square meters of wasted floor space. We can save that space by using sliding and pocket doors instead of hinges mounted doors. The apartment main entrance door will be acoustically sealed, preventing any noise from passing through. The inside surface of the doors will be covered with the same coating as the wall (OLED type). By adding a camera on the outside face of the door, you could project on the inside face the image of all the activities going on in front of your apartment, thus creating the illusion that you are facing a glass door.

No windows

At first, that probably seems to be a major turn off, but let's look at it again. What do we use a window for?

  1. It is an interface that lets you see through the walls what is going on outside your place, while allowing you to be seen at the same time.
  2. It is a source of light that brighten your apartment.
  3. It is a source of heat that warms up your place on sunny days.

Living room

The inconveniences of a window are: poor insulation (heat and noise) and lack of privacy (unless using a blank, which is cancelling all the above benefits of having a window in the first place). By having both sides of your outdoor walls coated with an OEDL video system and a camera on both side as well, you will see and being seen like seeing through a normal window.


- Part 3

Add a stereo speaker system and a microphone on both sides and you'll be able to interact with people on the other side as if there was a hole in the wall instead of a window. By turning off the inside camera and microphone you would be able to observe all outdoor activities in complete privacy (you can't do this with a regular window either!). The OLED video system will have the advantage to display any live, near or remote location so you could be only one click away from the beach or the top Mt. Everest. Infrared radiant emitter on the top of your inside walls could give you the illusion of a hot sunny day as well when used with the video display of a beach!

The Washroom

A private wash room will be integrated in every apartment and will include the following equipments:

A Toilet-Bidet combo that will clean and dry you after use, thus eliminating the need to use toilet paper. The toilet will be integrated with a shredder that will liquefy all outgoing material. The toilet drain requirement will then only be about 15mm (saving a lot of space over all in the city) and the waste generated will be easier to treat by bacteria and totally recycled in only a few hours to an odourless field fertiliser.

Bathtub and Shower combined

The Bathtub and shower combined unit will be integrated as part of the washroom structure. The bathtub will


have a low profile and will be about 2 meters long including a moulded head rest, allowing you to completely lay down under the water. Every bathtub will have a jet massage system integrated and the water faucet will be on the side wall, allowing two people to sit face to face comfortably. The bathtub will be mounted on a hidden water tank that will recycle the used water through an auto cleaning filtering system. The dirty side substrate water from the filter will be used to flush the toilet and the clean water side will be reused for the next bathtub or shower. Since the reused water will already be at room temperature, the energy required for reheating the water will be reduced providing other energy savings.


The additional fresh, cold and hot, water will be provided by the city’s supply network.

Ventilation, Heatin and Cooling

All the fresh air makeup, ventilation, heating and cooling system will be provided by the city network of services. No specific equipments beside some dampers, air and


temperature sensors will be required in the apartments.

Energy storage

SCI electrical energy source will mainly come from windmills and solar panels. These sources of energy, when not immediately used up, need to be stored somewhere as close as possible to the potential usage location, in this case, the apartments. Therefore, the shell of each apartment (walls, ceilings and floors), will partially be composed of advanced energy storage film of material (like Li+ polymer) transforming the apartment in a huge battery that will store all the energy needed for your daily activities. All the apartments will be linked in a network to create a mega power storage system. In the event that you momentarily require more energy than what you have left in your own apartment energy storage, you will be able to draw the excess needed power from your neighbourhood apartment. All the OLED display, computer, sensors and other electrical systems will be integrated and will tap directly in your apartment power source without any apparent wiring system.

Integrated Computer

A computer system, with surround speakers and microphone, will be integrated in the wall of your apartment and linked to the SCI network database and internet. With the walls (or ceilings) being your computer screen, you will be able to use your multimedia portable cell phone (each resident will have one) as an input interface (keyboard, mouse


- Part 4

and pointing device) to view and listen to any music, movie, video, eBook or text from SCI public database or internet, chat with friends, record voice messages or dictate your emails instead of typing them.

NeoCortex by architect Tomas Rousek

You will also have access to your private section of the SCI server's memory. In the unlikely event that you need to burn a CD, DVD or need to use a printer, you could always do it in one of the many free public internet access center of SCI.

No power outlet

Since kitchen appliances, washing and drying machines, water heater, heating/cooling systems, light bulbs, computers and other electrical devices will not need to be connected to a wall plug for their power requirement; there will be no electrical outlets. Only few Wire-Free magnetic field charger stations (Magic-Pad style) will be available to recharge all your portable devices. This will be the 1st wire free city of the world. Having no power outlet will eliminate another source of fire hazard and force the SCI denizens to use only energy saving rechargeable devices!

Apartment Module

Every apartment of SCI will be built as a standalone and stackable module. They will completely be built, with everything already included, in a high quality controlled factory of SCI’s industrial park. They will then be transported, in one piece, by the central elevator of SCI to their final location and attached to the main building structure. The modules could easily be replaced if damaged or need to be upgraded or recycled. The height of each module will be about 2.5 meters.

These modules will be linked to the city’s services network in few seconds, simply by connecting few cables (computer network, power grid network) and few quick connection hoses (clean hot water in/out, clean cold water in/out, wasted water return, fresh air supply). The hot and cold water supply will serve as a regular water supply system as well as a close loop heating and cooling system integrated in the apartment module.

Apartments’ type

There will be four major types of apartment in SCI.

Denizens’ apartments: About 500 000 units of 45m2 with 1 bedroom, 1 washroom and a living room. It will be possible to combine 2 apartments together via a private individual internal door.

All of the residences apartment will have a ceiling of 2.4 meters high and will be stacked on two levels, one on top of the other. SCI floor to floor height will be about 6 meters.


Hotel rooms: About 50 000 units of 20m2 to 30m2 that can accommodate up to four guests will be made available to visitors. Again, the layout and design will allow 2 rooms to form a larger suite via a private individual internal door.

Students’ rooms: About 20 000 units of 16m2 will be available. Small individual studio type rooms with full and private washrooms.

Hospital rooms: About 20 000 units of 16m2 individual sterilized studio type rooms with full and private washrooms will be built. All hospital rooms will be under vacuum pressure to prevent any air born bacterial or viral infection from leaving the room and spreading across the city.

All the other locations: office space, restaurants, public services, meeting rooms, entertainment area, research laboratories, teaching rooms, etc, are still to be designed.

Transportation Systems

SCI Transportation systems are divided in two categories: Inner-city transportation (every transportation systems within the SCI main building) and outer-city transportation (every transportation systems outside the SCI main building).

Inner-city transportation includes the Matrix Elevator System, the Mini Elevator, many Auto Guided vehicles (AGV) and a Subway.

The Matrix Elevator System has been designed especially for huge constructed buildings such as SCI. All around the world, every elevator pits contain only a single elevator cage module suspended and motorized by some cabling system.


- Part 5

Because of these cables, you cannot have two independent elevator cage modules on the top of each other in the same pit at the same time. In a Matrix Elevator System, the cage modules are totally autonomous and motorize using gears and electro-magnet to propel themselves directly on the pit back and front wall, without the need of any cabling system. Furthermore, they are not limited to vertical movement but can as well travel horizontally through parallel pits. Therefore, having 6 elevator pits in parallel allow you to use them like a highway with as many elevator cage modules as you want, 3 lanes going in one direction and the 3 other ones moving in the other direction, with high speed express lane and exit lane.

In SCI there will be 7 matrix elevators; one for each of the 6 star’s legs and a bigger one in the center that will be utilized from the beginning of the SCI construction to transport the flat modules and all the necessary equipment and material.

Each matrix elevators will have 6 parallel pits (label left to right: 1 to 6) with the following function:

  SCI Matrix Elevator
Click on the picture to enlarge

Pit 1:Used for every elevator cage modules that have to move up at high speed (moving to a distance greater than 10 floors). An elevator cage module can move from pit 1 to pit 2 or from pit 2 to pit 1. Pit 1 has no floor access door.

Pit 2: Used for every elevator cage modules that have to move up at low speed (moving to a distance of 4 to 10 floors. An elevator cage module can move from pit 1 to pit 2, from pit 2 to pit 3, or from pit 3 to pit 2 and pit 2


to pit 1. Pit 2 has no floor access door.

Pit 3: Floor access door for passenger going up. Every elevator cage modules will stop at this pit door letting in the people who are going up. The elevator cage module will then move to the pit 2 to go up. Pit 3 has no vertical movement other than moving up three floors or less at very slow speed only. An elevator cage module can only move horizontally from or to pit 2 and pit 4 or up, three floors or less.

Pit 4: Floor access door for passenger going down. Every elevator cage modules will stop at this pit door letting in the people who are going down.

The elevator cage module will then move to the pit 5 to go down. Pit 4 has no vertical movement other than moving down three floors or less at very slow speed only. An elevator cage module can only move horizontally from or to pit 3 and pit 5 or down, three floors or less.


- Part 5

Pit 5: Used for every elevator cage modules that have to move down at low speed (moving to a distance of 4 to 10 floors. An elevator cage module can move from pit 5 to pit 6, from pit 5 to pit 4, or from pit 4 to pit 5 and pit 6 to pit 5. Pit 5 has no floor access door.

Pit 6: Used for every elevator cage modules that have to move down at high speed (moving to a distance greater than 10 floors). An elevator cage module can move from pit 6 to pit 5 or from pit 5 to pit 6. Pit 6 has no floor access door.

The Mini Elevator, is a very compact and energy efficient system that allow the denizens to have access to the upper flat module. (Each floor in the living area has a 6m ceiling clearance to allow the stacking of 2 flat modules)

Auto Guided Vehicles (AGV’s), will be the most diversified automated transporting system of SCI. From automatic laundry pickup and delivery to all other distribution of goods through the city, you will see these electrical AGVs everywhere.


They will also be widely used for maintenance (floor sweeping and cleaning, grass mowing, etc.) and industrial production (automated seeding and harvesting, raw material and finish goods transportation in the factories, etc.).

Some of them will even be use as automated shuttle to transport people automatically to different points of the city. Small automated two wheelers (SEGWAY style) will also be available for individual transportation. Once their tasks are done, they will automatically go back to the nearest docking station to recharge themselves and wait for their next task instruction.




A Subway Network Line, using advance electro-magnetic transporting wagon and flat bed, will be built at the center of the underground industrial park linking all the factories together.

Outer-city transportation will be limited to a single road overlaid by an aerial, two lanes high speed train (TGV or Maglev style). The train should be the main transportation system while the road will be use for maintenance purpose of the train’s line. There will be only two train stations: one at the core of SCI building and one at the end of the 2000 km2 SCI land limit. The later station will be the only entry and exit point of SCI for all transportation (people and goods). This station will, in the future, connect to the next mega building city (see SCI project Phase V).

SCI Construction (info coming soon)

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