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PROJECT - The city

SCI: moving to a new era in mankind”.

Where to Build

StarCity will be built in a country that meets the following requirements:

  • Stable social and political climate
  • Openness and implementation of innovation policies and scientific development
  • Abundant resources of potential clean energy production
  • Abundance of natural potential resources

Many countries meet these requirements and they could have a chance to host this project if they show an interest in it. Among these countries, we believe that China could be one of the ideal countries to establish “SCI” for many reasons.

 Many Challenges

Mainly due to its large and fast growing population, China has tremendous social challenges lying ahead: Shortage of lodging, water, food and energy combined to the need of a universal medical and health care system, broader and higher quality education, curb air and water pollution as well as other environmental concerns, are all problems that need to be resolved for China in order to sustain a fast and harmonious development.

 Socialist system

Although it is gradually opening up to a free market, the communist ideology which utilizes a centralized planning and distribution system, is based on cooperation rather than competition and exploitation of the human being.

 Stable Government

The Government is determined to enhance China’s capacity for independent innovation and turn the nation into an innovative country. The government is willing to improve the energy supply, resources, ecological and environmental conservation as well as China's capacity for sustainable development. Its efforts are aimed at promoting a balanced development among regions and improve the pattern of land development as well as the upgrading of the industrial structure. In addition, the government’s emphasis on promoting vigorous development and prosperity of a socialist culture based on harmony and civilized practices and accelerating the social development with a focus on improving people’s livelihood by giving priority to education, health care and social security. All these factors are in line with the philosophy of SCI.


China is facing social, economic and environmental challenges but has a political system and a strong leadership to implement workable and sustainable solutions that would raise the standard of living of all its population.

China map

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