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SCI: Changing the world, one mind at a time”.

Throughout the ages, there have been many social reformers among economists, politicians, scientists, philosophers and prophets. They decried the social and economic order of the time because of poverty and corruption caused by such systems, which are founded on money as a medium of exchange in order to satisfy human needs. They developed theories, created new systems, started awareness movements, launched social or political campaigns in order to unite people and channel the forces necessary to initiate and implement changes that would eradicate human and environmental problems and create abundance for all human beings.

The idea of an economy run by scientists and the distribution of the productive output equally to all, advocated by the Technocracy Movement had already spread in the 1920’s. MENSA, another society founded in 1946, has among its goals to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity. In the 60’s, the Kibbutz communal life’s idea to create a new type of society where all would be equal and free from exploitation, had been widely known. Many communities in Africa are living on the principle of sharing resources. The communist system in China promotes a government that is from the people, by the people and for all the people. The Venus Project and its activist Zeitgeist Movement, promotes nothing less than the redesign of our culture using a resource-based economy and new technologies to create abundance for all.

Venus Project
The Venus Project

Since 1973, the Raelian Movement, established in more than 100 countries, has been a great source of inspiration for many, with “The keys” described in their books as a solution for our modern society’s current problems.


Since the dawn of humanity, numerous individuals, groups and organizations, that are still known or that have been forgotten, have suggested a vast number of potential solutions to solve our human problems, so it would be totally unfair to all of them, to try to get any credit for the solutions we are offering at StarCity International (SCI).At SCI, we believe that one of the best way to start to work collectively is first by getting rid of any personal “ego”, that we could have developed over the years, and replacing it with a collective pride of what we are accomplishing.

In other words, numbers of movements advocating systems to alleviate poverty and promote equitable distribution of wealth have contributed to raise awareness of these problems in the world over the past century. In the past 20 years, the growth of NPOs (Non-Profit Organization) has outpaced the growth of the economy. Furthermore, the rising popularity of Voluntarism is another sign of the fundamental changes that are increasingly taking place in the society.

We believe that the present world's profit-driven economic system using price to create Starcity, with its never ending cycles of expansion and contraction, is the root cause of increasing poverty and therefore not sustainable.

We acknowledge that the progression and power of science and technology, if not harnessed and stifled by selfish ego-driven capitalistic ventures, can bring about most of the solutions to all the problems that humanity is facing and provide abundance for everyone; thus, alleviating poverty, corruption and greed and making people more inclined to help each other.

We firmly believe in a world of cooperation not fierce competition.

Many people today are concerned with the serious threats that our modern society is facing: unemployment, rising poverty,violent crimes, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the Earth's ecosystems.

We, at Star City International (SCI), are committed to confront all of these challenges by actively engaging in the research, development and application


of workable solutions. We believe that the creative capacity of the human brain is the most precious natural resource on earth and that’s why we are dedicated to assemble a leading team of scientists, scholars and artists to design the systems and implement the solutions for the benefit of all of humanity.

Creative Capacity

The object of SCI is to provide a social and economic system, as well as a physical environment, based on a summary of suggestions that have been made by those people who had the well being of humanity at heart.

We would like to capitalize on people’s growing awareness of the need to bring about real positive changes in the world. We acknowledge that our planet is a global village where all human beings are interconnected and interdependent in a shared environment.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if all the groups, including the ones listed above, in spite of their differences, would collaborate to work out solutions to help making this world, a better place?

Let’s together put the best resources at work… for all of us !

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